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Plans to stipulate that the energy efficiency rating of all rental properties must be at least a C by 2025 have been scrapped. 

The plans, which would have cost some landlords thousands of pounds, have been scrapped by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in his speech, citing fears that landlords would have to pass the costs to tenants via increases in rent prices.

The demand for rental properties, in particular in the BCP area, is incredibly high. There isn’t enough property out there to meet the demand.

In his speech, Rishi Sunak said: “Next, energy efficiency. This is critical to making our homes cheaper to heat.

“That’s why we’ve got big government grants like the Great British Insulation Scheme.

“But under current plans, some property owners would’ve been forced to make expensive upgrades in just two years’ time.

“For a semi-detached house in Salisbury, you could be looking at a bill of £8,000.

“And even if you’re only renting, you’ll more than likely see some of that passed on in higher rents.”

That’s not to say that landlords shouldn’t be looking at the energy efficiency of their properties.

The plans may be scrapped for now, but that’s not to say that new plans won’t be brought in during the future.

It is also important that landlords keep up to date with upgrades and improvements to the property over time. 

Landlords must provide a good standard of home to tenants – it helps to maintain a positive relationship between landlord and tenant.

A well-maintained property will also maximise the value of your property on the rental market, and also if later placed on the sales market too.

The advice to all landlords is to look at all schemes offered by the government to see if they are eligible for any grants to help cover the costs of property improvements.


You can read Rishi Sunak’s full speech at

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